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The Billie and Me Tour

#Wendy Matthews sings Billie Holiday In the winter of 2012, singer songwriter Wendy Matthews went into the Stuart Piano Factory in Newcastle with Brendan St... Read More

Vogue Feature

Stepping out of civilisation and into the wilderness can be a life-changing discovery of the soul. Writer Felicity Loughrey chats with Wendy Matthews in “Where... Read More


New Album - Billie & Me

Wendy Matthews sings Billie Holiday and more…
Available right here from the 24th July.


The Welcome Fire

Wendy is like a fine wine…. that you just can’t get enough of ! A rare talent with an awesome voice… and now a new bunch of fabulous songs. She has never sounded better.

Richard Wilkins
Richard Wilkins

The Welcome Fire is the most personal and revealing album of her career.

Kathy McCabe
Kathy McCabe

The bouncy Josh Pyke co-write ‘Every- thing I’ve Done Wrong’ is a hit waiting to happen.

Russell Woolf, ABC